Waboose a Ojibwe Artist from Batchewana First Nation, Ontario. She
practises many forms of art from; quillwork on birch bark, caribou hair tufting,
painting, and digital arts.
With her quillwork, she creates jewelry and visual arts. She is inspired by
nature and often quills birds, animals, flowers, berries, bees, and moths. All
the materials used for quillwork are harvested and processed by her. She enjoys
spending time on the land.
Much of Amber's work is based on the philosophy that everything in the universe
is connected. The common theme in her paintings is interconnection. She paints
the lands, water, sky, and stars. With her more recent paintings, she has been
adding the elements of quillwork, adding birchbark, and sewing sweetgrass to
her artwork. Her paintings are also based on dreams and ceremonies.
She is very passionate about Ojibwe arts and culture. Amber continues to
practice her art through quillwork, paintings, and digital illustration.

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